Programs during 1999.

Keertana-Artin Karnataka: Contributions of Saint Bhadragiri Keshavadas.By. B. Nagendra, B. Murali Pai and Sham Pai.

Part 1. January 10, 1999.

Part 2. February 14, 1999.††††

Folk Theater of Karnataka. Chandra Shekhra Kambara. Director for National School of Drama, New Delhi, India. February 28, 1999.


Tulu- South Canara andKannada.By Kusumadhara Gowda. April 11, 1999.


Kailasam and Humor. By M. K. Prabhakara. May 9,1999.


The Eye- seeing and viewing- discussion on the article by S. K. Harihareswara, CA. June 13, 1999.


Drama- Experimentation and its Effects. ByMaster Hirannaiah, Hirannaiah Mithra Mandali. Bangalore, India. July 11. 1999.


Life and Literary career of DVG. By Y. N. Lakshminarayana, Bangalore, India. August 8, 1999.


Compositions of DVG. - A birdís eye view.By R. V. Srinivas. September 12, 1999.


The role of Director in Making Motion Pictures (Movie)-seminar by P.N. Srinivas  Video presentation of his gold- medal awarded Movie Spandana (Vibrations)- followed by discussion with the audience. October 10, 1999.


The giant of Kannada News Media- Wonder YNK.Gopinath Boray. November 14, 1999.


Bhoomikaa- Open House. Year-end program at the conclusion of 5t year. December 12, 1999.


Special Thanking Dinner program on December 31, 1999 in honor of all the donors and supporters of Bhoomikaa.††††††