Programs during 2000

Romanticism in Folk literature- Dr. Mahesh Mahadevappa. January 9, 2000 

Modern Literature: Lyrical Poetry. February 13, 2000.

The developmental path of Kannada Theater: Dr. M.K. Prabhakara

The Present Status of Kannada. Shri Prof. U.R. Anantha Murthi. march 25, 2000

Muddanna: The early bird of Modern Kannada literature: Shri. B K. Nagendra April 9, 2000

Our own Talks: By Shri. P.N. Srinivas. May 11, 2000.

Draupadi's  insult by Dushyasana- an episode from the epic  Mahabharatha. Mrs. Vijaya Kanekal. June 6, 2000

The art of  Sculpture and the  Literature. Padma Chikkerurkar

Voorvashi: An Introduction, By Prof.: N.S.L. Bhatta, August 5, 2000.

Tracing the path of Kannada printing. B.S. Pai, September 9, 2000.

Bridge: An open  Forum- Discussion. October 11, 2000

The Current  Status of   Kannada  Theater. Dr. H.S. Shiva Prakash, November 11. 2000

Introducing, The Faith"  and " Mathugalu" by Dr. H. S. Shivaprakash. November 11, 2000

The War Stories of Herodotus- A translation in Kannada- H. Rangachar, November 11, 2000. A book presentation by the author.


Programs during 2001

January 14, 2001: Cultivation of literature by a professional theater actor- a personal experience- by Veteran theater activist from India- Master Hirannaiah.

February 11, 2001:  The Development of Kannada Scripture and the Alphabets: Tracing the evolution of 1500 year old language since the Indus valley civilization (4500 BC) to the present day. by Dr. Kusumadhara Gowda.

March 11, 2001: Personal triumphs with poetry- A presentation of  his own writings.  Morphology of language with the ages- a musing cum loud thinking by Mr. E. B. Raju, Richmond, VA

March 24, 2001: A classical Music concert by Sham Pai and Muralidhar Pai In Aid of earthquake victims of India. Hosting by Bhoomikaa.

April 8, 2001:  Introducing the play "The Faith"  translated  by Manohar Kulakarni (published in 1998). Narration by Vijaya Kulakarni, enactment  in part by Manohar Kulakarni.

May 2001:  Indian classical Music- an anthology, by Mr. Nagendra